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Push Presents for My Beloved Husband

Who says we can only give one push present for the man in my life!


This year is special year for me as I am expecting my first baby. As a first time parent, there are so many “firsts” that I am experiencing, from my physical body changes with my precious baby growing healthily in my womb, to the emotional changes as the months go by to most importantly preparing for my motherhood role. My husband has been incredibly supportive since the first day I shared my good news with him, on a new family addition. Besides ensuring that the environment at home is conducive for me and my baby, he digests and summarizes information about baby development and parenthood and share with me. He also accompanies me for gynecologist visits and attends prenatal classes with me.

Hence, with the baby arriving in the coming month, I am now sourcing for a suitable push present for my beloved husband. I will present this gift to him after birth of the baby, I want to thank him for taking such good care of me and our child during my pregnancy and being there for me during my delivery. I want him to feel appreciated and that our love has grown stronger and will continue to grow after our baby is born.

I have searched through the internet for the list of push present for men and am so elated to narrow down to the below two suitable gifts that I am sure he will surely like.

  1. Stroller for Jogging

My husband is a fitness fanatic who will feel uneasy if he does not exercise for two consecutive days. With the new baby arriving, he will have less time on his hands, as he will help me look after the baby.

As skipping exercise which is a non-negotiable for him and I do not want him to sacrifice his exercise time for his precious child, this gift is suitable as he can bring the baby out for fresh air while he get his exercise fix, jog at the nearby park. He can also use the time to foster closer bond with the child.

2. Engraved Watch

My husband is a watch lover who has a great watch collection. Watch is not just an accessory to him, every watch in his collection signifies some important event in his life, his twenty first birthday watch from his parents, his graduation, his first job after graduation, his promotion, our wedding date and so on.


The birth of our first child is definitely an important event worth commemorating, hence I would like to buy a watch that is engraved with the name of our child, our child’s date of birth and my thank you message to him.

My current dilemma now is which push present to buy and I have a feeling that I will buy all, who says we can only give one push present for the man in my life!

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